The Daygo Stream

The Daygo Stream is an epic fantasy series inspired by the great Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time”. It is set in a relatively new society, in a world recently wrecked by the arrival of a new moon into orbit, that caused the great seismic shifts that reshaped the landscape of the world, in a time referred to as the breaking of the world. These shifts caused two continents to collide, which unleashed a race of animals into the world of man that had previously never been discovered. What followed were the survival wars and the great migration south of Arpad’s Wall by all of humankind.

In the 172 years since, the unity found by humanity against the common enemy has slowly disintegrated. What was five collaborating continents ruling Levitashand collectively disintegrated into seventeen separately thinking nations. It was the great failure of Levitas’ plan. The only real failure attributed to a man considered divine by much of the new world.

The first novel in the series, “Daygo’s Fury”, joins the story here.