The Daygo Stream 2 – Delays, delays & apologies.

  • October 28, 2018

Hey everyone.

I just thought I’d finally write an update here for anyone searching and failing to find any info on book 2.

Long story short, I’m expecting to release it in June of 2019, September at the latest. For further details, thoughts & reasons why, feel free to read below!

I’ve great ambitions and aspirations for this series of books. And I realise that this is only the very beginning. There are so many things, people and characters to write about in this series, as well as all of my own philosophical pondering that I’ve incorporated into my world and characters, albeit often to extremes.

As it is only the beginning I realise how frustrating this is from a reader’s perspective. I appreciate all of my readers and fans a lot, so thank you. I know how annoying it is from my own pov when an author, a series I like, is dragging its heals desperately. I can only apologise and explain the reasons as to why below.

Daygo’s Fury was my first release. So there has been a lot of learning from that book through to this book. In a sense, writing a series, you’re not allowed to make loads of mistakes and experiment too much in the books that you release and all the myriad methods there are to go about producing a book; from conception, to plotting, writing and editing etc. – So I’ve had to do all of that behind the scenes, and make all of my mistakes. There is no right way, writing in a way is a process of self discovery, to wriggle out what works best for your personality.

I love this series, and all I’ve planned for it, so I wasn’t willing to sacrifice a poor second book for my own learning and discovery as a writer. I’m committed to making this book the best it can possibly be. I was new to the game, and I feel like once I’ve completed this book, my period of early learning is at an end. – and I’ll be able to enact all I know in the creation and completion of a new book started from scratch, the third in the series.

The proof is in the pudding. However I do now feel like I can step up the pace in this series. I feel once I’ve book 2 out, I’ll be able to achieve a release date inside 2 years of the previous book consistently. Unfortunately while I’m working full time it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to do any better than that, if I’m being realistic. So I guess that’s up to all of you 😉 – If my writing becomes popular enough to support a full time living I’ll be making the switch, and should then be able to get it down to a year

Finally – regards book 2 of the Daygo Stream series – final title as of yet undecided. I can’t wait to release it! I think its going to be a great book. It should be much longer than the last, at around 6-700 pages completed. – I’ll have to see after the editing process.

Thanks a million for all the support! Thanks for taking an interest and searching this out and enjoying the first book!

I’ll see you soon! I should have some more posts here prior to DS 2.


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